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Case Management

Ongoing Case Management

Reaching the stage where you have either submitted your grievance, received a letter from your employer regarding disciplinary action or submitted an application for an employment tribunal can be with fraught with difficulties. Not least because you are suddenly isolated and shunned at work, others who share your experience often walk away from pursuing their case at this point as they have seen how you have been treated.

The Grievance/Disciplinary

Once you have submitted your grievance or responded to the disciplinary allegations you should be notified by your employer who will undertake the investigation. You will then be contacted by the investigator who may conduct a series of interviews with the aim of collecting evidence and fact finding.

It is here that the unscrupulous employer will sabotage your grievance or ramp up any allegations that have been made, often adding new allegations that you never knew existed. They attempt to convince you:

  • That there is no prospect of success,
  • It’s better to withdraw as it will ruin your future chances
  • It will result in a counter claim and a disciplinary
  • Your grievance is too late
  • To resign before the disciplinary action makes you unemployable

In other words, they will try every trick in the book to persuade you not to fight the disciplinary action or pursue your grievance.

We will write your grievance/disciplinary defence so it is structured in a way that will protect you from any retrospective or revenge action that your employer attempts to take. We will also monitor all deadlines and ensure that every action your employer subjects you too is rebutted. We will correspond on your behalf in regards to:

  • Attendance at any investigatory hearings
  • Attendance at grievance/disciplinary hearing
  • Bias in the record of any of the meetings
  • Ensuring your employer complies with Company Policy and the ACAS Code of Practices
  • Discrepancies in missing evidence

Grievance at Work will also advise you on the appeal process that can follow if you don’t agree with the outcome of the grievance or disciplinary hearing.

The Tribunal

This can only happen if you have previously raised a grievance and appealed against the decision of your employer. There are circumstances where you can submit a claim before you have completed all the internal procedures which are available to you but it could mean that a judge may reduce any compensatory award by as much as 25% if you were to win your case.

Once you have submitted your claim we can deal directly as your representative or work with a solicitor which you have appointed. We will liaise with any or all of the following:

  • Your Employer/Human Resources
  • ACAS
  • Employment Tribunal
  • Employer’s Representative – solicitor
  • Information Commissioners Office

Grievance at Work will take the pressure away from you and allow you to recover from the treatment you have received at work. We will allow you to start to repair the damage to your home and family life and focus on looking towards the future whilst entrusting us to remedy the past.