Does this sound familiar?

"When taking on Goliath, at my peril, I made the mistake of trusting my employer’s Human Resources Department and Occupational Health personnel. Never again, Mark helped me to understand these departments’ duty of care was not to me, but my employer. Mark is extremely patient and listened and understood very quickly what was going on. When my employment problems escalated into the Tribunal arena, Mark steered me through what was the most difficult fight of my life. He did not flinch when my employer instructed a barrister to represent their position, but rather, took on the fight on my behalf. His knowledge bank of employment law and his experience is something I am so thankful for, as this fight was not something I was not equipped to deal with on my own. Mark’s ability to strategise meant he anticipated at every step what was needed, and this put me on an equal footing to that of employers. Genuinely Mark went beyond the call of duty so many times that I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. Thanks Mark" - Oliver

"I raised an issue, it was important and now I am on a disciplinary"- George

"She told me I couldn't submit a grievance as it was too late and that my complaints were not a grievance as it wasn’t written on the official form" - Sonya

...then Grievance At Work can help.