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Formal Grievance Documents

Grievance Case Correspondence with Your Employer

If you have now reached the point where your employer has undermined your grievance, then we will ensure your employer understands their legal responsibilities and your statutory rights.

Employers use a range of tactics to avoid dealing with your grievance. The following may well be something you have experienced personally;

  • Declaring that you haven’t submitted a grievance as you didn’t submit it on an official grievance form
  • Declaring that you haven’t submitted a grievance as you didn’t use the word grievance within your complaint
  • Not dealing with your grievance in a timely manner; causing unexplained delays, ignoring key evidence and witnesses, fabricating evidence
  • Refusing to investigate the grievance, as the complaint fell outside the employer’s timescale for dealing with grievances

It would be impossible to list every excuse we have come across from our clients and I am sure you could add to this list. Needless to say, every turn your employer takes to avoid your grievance, we will be there to steer them back towards addressing your concerns.

Often employers do not understand their own policies or simply choose to ignore them. Pointing out the shortfalls becomes a critical stage of your grievance at this point. We will ensure that our correspondence with your employer is precise, to the point and provides them with a clear choice where they will either address your concerns or deal with the consequences of ignoring your complaints.

Where the employer understands your statutory rights, but has decided their best approach is to bully you into submission then we adopt a different approach. We will trawl through every letter, every email, every note of every meeting and every other piece of evidence to show your employer that they will be held accountable for each and every action they have taken. They will very quickly understand that their behaviour will have a costly consequence until your grievance is resolved.

Disciplinary Case Correspondence with Your Employer

The sinking feeling that many employees feel when they have been subjected to a disciplinary action is one of the lowest points anyone can reach while employed. We spend a large part of our lives at work, so when we are exposed to disciplinary action it is impossible to escape the effects as it draws a dark cloud over each waking day.

It may be that your disciplinary action is due to a mistake you have made at work, however, often your employer can also be at fault due to a lack of training provided to you or even faulty equipment. However, that won’t stop them holding you responsible.

It may also be that the disciplinary action is a sham and you are being punished for some action you have taken which displeases the ‘boss’. This could be submitting a grievance, identifying a cause of concern at work, refusing to do over-time; the reasons are widespread and often they are a sham.

Whatever the reason for your employer subjecting you to a disciplinary action it is a critical time in your employment and one where you will need to contest the allegations against you – in short, defend yourself.

You may be looking at a verbal warning or any one of the following; first written warning, final written warning, dismissal. More and more of our clients have placed their trust in the union only to find that their union immediately try and negotiate a settlement agreement in order for you to leave work. To many this is unacceptable as they feel the disciplinary action is unfair and want to fight for their job; that’s where we come in.

At Grievance at Work we will unpick the allegations against you by doing the following:

  • Full discussion with you about the case
  • Identify facts from fiction
  • Analyse the polices of your employer
  • Rebut and counter the allegations

We can engage with your employer if necessary but we can also be in the background depending upon your requirements. Rest assured we will work in partnership with you to resolve the issues in your best interests.

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