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Free Initial Consultation

The first point of contact is undoubtedly the most important. Whether it’s a grievance you are thinking about submitting or you are facing a disciplinary action then Grievance at Work want to listen.

The initial consultation is by phone, where Grievance at Work will map the details of your grievance or the disciplinary action that is affecting your daily work life with both the depth of experience we have as employment advisors and your rights as an employee.

The truth of the matter is that by the time you have picked up the phone, you have already made the decision that your situation at work is becoming too much to bear alone. At Grievance at Work we will take you through each step of the way in order to resolve the grievance or disciplinary in a manner that suits you rather than your employer.

After the initial consultation Grievance at Work will send you an overview of the case and how we can help resolve the grievance or disciplinary action.

No charge is ever made for subsequent phone calls as Grievance at Work prides itself on the quality of care offered to clients.

We recognise the damage that can be done when facing workplace problems which have a significant impact upon our daily lives, our families and within our relationships. The employer rarely takes this into consideration and will know that these other factors will ultimately affect your decision making.

At Grievance at Work you will get an honest and caring opinion which will help you resolve these issues with the best possible outcome for you and your family. A simple phone call will help lift the burden you are experiencing and is free, so don’t wait until the next bullying letter from your employer, phone 07594 693 682 and start taking back control.