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Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

The success of your case regardless of whether it’s a grievance, disciplinary action or an employment tribunal will depend upon the evidence you can produce.

A case based purely upon oral evidence is always difficult to manage and in such a case success will often be determined by credibility. In other words, where one party has not told the truth, under any investigation, hearing or cross-examination this can be exposed. However, there are no guarantees as in life there are some individuals who could convince you to buy your own car.

Consequently, it is the role of Grievance at Work to trace every piece of evidence. Evidence will exist, but it is usually overlooked or may have even been hidden or destroyed.

We will use the tools available to draw out every strand that will support your case. Whether it’s a questionnaire, a subject access request, statements by your employer and witnesses or a Freedom of Information request; we will scrutinise and we will expose the truth.

How is information sourced and what do we do with it?

  • We serve questionnaires on your employer to establish the nature of their approach when dealing with your case
  • We look for contradictions, as they must ensure continuity with what they do and say throughout your case. That becomes difficult especially where there are witnesses and evidence that suggests their answers are economical with the truth
  • We use a subject access or data request to collect every document, email, letter or even CCTV footage
  • We analyse email threads for continuity and find the missing message which often is withheld
  • We will issue a freedom of Information request to establish if trends are occurring e.g. whether employees with a disability or those that belong to an ethnic group receive promotions, raise grievances etc

The key is to be thorough, and getting to the truth is at the very core of what Grievance at Work believe.

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