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If you have been searching and have arrived at this website then it is likely that you are experiencing what every employee dreads. Whether it’s whistleblowing, bullying in the workplace, harassment and victimisation, a sham disciplinary or a fake redundancy, they all have the same effect. They make us feel worthless and powerless; we become isolated and end up either leaving the safety of employed work, or worse still become ill with the added stress that leads to anxiety and depression.

Recent whistleblowing case

“After spending the majority of my working life here and seeing it develop to the point where I was seen as a highly respected, creative and successful leader of my department, I very quickly became isolated. Senior work colleagues avoided my gaze and suddenly my performance at work was being questioned without any tangible evidence, just anonymous complaints which I never saw. I began to regret ever raising the issue at all. The climb up took the time I had spent at the school, over 20 years; the journey down took no time at all. I was placed on a disciplinary because I refused to withdraw my allegations, none of which were ever addressed. The bullying was both physically and psychologically painful, as others started to believe I was simply a trouble maker. Within a year I was signed off, suffering from what most would call depression. My employer stated, under oath, that they did not believe I had any medical condition at all, but was play-acting to escape punishment for an undisclosed crime. It cut like a knife. 
My union had their own agenda – compromise agreement and off you go. Next please. After returning to work for the first time in over 12 months I was suspended within 2 hours…. The decision was simple; accept the inevitable and the consequences this would have upon my future employment, or fight back.” 

If any of this hits a nerve then it is possible that you have suffered, or worse, you are currently suffering at the hands of an employer that has lost its moral compass: an employer whose treatment of you leaves you feeling vulnerable and confused, and not knowing who to trust – an employer whose behaviour towards you is unfathomable, or even incomprehensible. Your best defence is to arm yourself with the facts of employment law and stop listening to the HR Advisor asking for your trust, as they negotiate the worst deal possible inevitably ending up with the loss of your job.