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“From my first tentative phone call to him right through to the successful resolution of my matter Mark Harris was a source of great knowledge of the world of grievances at work and a huge personal support.  He guided me through the legal complexities that I encountered and translated the jargon into English which I could understand.  He understood how difficult it is to bring a grievance and see it through to its conclusion, which in my case took over a year.  Mark used great humour and warmth to coax me through the worst days. He can quote cases for comparison, is incredibly thorough and well-informed, has an amazing memory for everything that has happened and manages to make sense of what, in my case anyway became a very complex and large file.

Whenever I spoke to Mark I felt I had his undivided attention.  He attended hearings with me and spoke on my behalf as well or better than any lawyer, I’m sure.  But when it comes to the bill he’s no lawyer – his services are extremely reasonably priced to the extent that sometimes I felt bad that I wasn’t paying more. In this hard bitten world, it was wonderful to deal with a person who was genuinely concerned for my situation and would go out of his way to be the best help possible.  I thank you very much Mark and wish Grievance at Work the success it deserves.”

Sue, Dec 2016

“When taking on Goliath, at my peril, I made the mistake of trusting my employer’s Human Resources Department and Occupational Health personnel. Never again, Mark helped me to understand these departments’ duty of care was not to me, but my employer. Mark is extremely patient and listened and understood very quickly what was going on. When my employment problems escalated into the Tribunal arena, Mark steered me through what was the most difficult fight of my life. He did not flinch when my employer instructed a barrister to represent their position, but rather, took on the fight on my behalf. His knowledge bank of employment law and his experience is something I am so thankful for, as this fight was not something I was not equipped to deal with on my own. Mark’s ability to strategise meant he anticipated at every step what was needed, and this put me on an equal footing to that of employers. Genuinely Mark went beyond the call of duty so many times that I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. Thanks Mark.”

Oliver, March 2017 

“If you are thinking of taking advantage of a grievance procedure at your place of employment don’t even dream of writing the first letter on your own. Please, please solicit the advice of Grievance at Work as you can be assured you will have no clue as to what you’ll be up against.

Even though I can’t go into details about my case which involved racial discrimination and harassment, I was shocked at the extent my employer would go to make you look silly and as if it’s “all in your head” so to speak. Take on board advice. Every next move the company would have made against me was predicted right on the money. You will also get constant assurance and help every step of the way.

Majority of cases are settled out of court but you have to demonstrate keen tenacity to employment law which unfortunately most of us including solicitors have very little clue about. Mark has the knowledge and experience and genuinely cares about you.

Additionally, if he feels your case is weak and you have poor evidence to support your claim, he will honestly let you know before taking any payments or will simply advise you how to stay in your job and gather the necessary evidence.

I always felt I had an ally and a friend on my side the moment I first contacted Grievance at Work. Thank you Mark.”

Paula, October 2017

“Mark helped us to understand what a grievance actually meant and why we raised a grievance at work. Our employer did not deal with our grievance fairly or appropriately, instead they contributed a lot of stresses to us because we raised grievances. We remember we first contacted Mark who is extremely patient and listened to us attentively and understood us very quickly and what was happening with us at work. He quickly diagnosed the problem and came up with a plan on how to protect us at work. Mark has vast experiences and knowledge of dealing with Grievances and Disciplinary Action and he helped us to understand the rights we have as an employee. He has even directed us what is SAR meant how would we be able to attain one? I am really thankful to mark to help and guide us in these dark time. I was devastated and depressed as it was something I have never experienced before at work. However, Mark equipped us to pick our battles and fight with my employer and untill the end. I cannot thank him enough.

thank you mark!”

Jin Yan and Alexandria, Dec 2017

“I was browsing on the internet in despair to find any help. I was in deep depression and anxiety, I was scared, afraid. The same time I understood that what my employer used against me was not right and I was trying to fight. Scared work colleagues have been discouraged to get involved, others have been dismissed or resigned and this left just me.

Due to an ongoing negative situation at work, I finally decided to raise a grievance against my employer. I then plucked up the courage to get some professional advice about my situation, and Mark came highly recommended so I enlisted his help.

From my very first conversation with him, back in July 2017, I felt reassured that Mark understood the predicament I was in and this gave me confidence to follow through with the grievance process. He is very knowledgeable about employment law and your rights as an employee, and was always one step ahead of my HR Department, predicting how they would behave and react, using it to our advantage. He knew exactly what evidence and issues to focus on, and used impeccable timing to deliver the maximum effect, to make sure my case was as strong as it could be. Mark saved me days of my own time, and allowed me to focus on trying to stay positive throughout what was a very difficult time.

Mark is very flexible and often took out of hours calls from me, if I was worried or had questions about next steps etc, and I cannot tell you how reassuring and supportive he was. He is also great value for money and is very affordable, so I would really recommend using Mark, rather than using an expensive employment lawyer. He drafted everything for me, from my very first letter, right through to detailed and organised evidence bundles. Some of my documents were hundreds of pages long but this never phased him, and he somehow managed to remember the nitty gritty details of my case and would be able to effortlessly refer to evidence that even I had forgotten about. He also advised throughout the settlement negotiations, and I couldn’t be more relieved at the outcome. My case concluded in March 2018 and I firmly believe it would not have been such a positive outcome if I had tried to tackle the grievance process on my own.

Now my case had been resolved, I am able to move on, comfortable in the knowledge that I was treated unfairly and that justice was done. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. ”

Kerry, April 2018

“I met Mark at a time when I was heading no where with my grievance hearing with my school. All efforts to have justice done, was been frustrated by my school.

Speaking to Mark on that Sunday morning at the time I did was the best decision I made in my legal battle against my employer. I was determined to fight my cause. Mark assured me that my grievance had merits and was willing to assist me in taking it to court if my school chose not to resolve the issues informally.

Mark was very professional in dealing with my case during throughout and his approach and care increased my confidence and self belief in the merits of my case. On two occasions I phoned Mark to indicate that I intended to withdraw my claims, but Mark spurned me on. Mark was very accommodating in receiving my telephone calls even at odd hours when I needed some advice.

Very remarkable also was the fact that, Mark was reasonable with his charges, and never for once did I feel I was being cheated or overcharged.

After two years of legal battle, I am extremely grateful that the case ended up in my favour as we came to a successful settlement. Mark has not just been a representative who has excellent knowledge of how to get the best deal for his clients, he has also become a good friend, and I will not hesitate to recommend Mark to anybody. Mark is simply the best out there!!”

Emmanuel, May 2018